1、 Manufacturer profile:
Built in 2008. Main products: Mongolian leather painting. The painters and framers employed by the manufacturer have high painting art level and working experience.
2、 Product introduction:
Our products adhere to the principle of inheritance and innovation, integrate modern craft art on the basis of traditional Mongolian leather painting technology, create high-quality leather paintings and endow them with continuous development vitality.
1. Leather painting products with grassland flavor. This kind of leather painting takes Genghis Khan, Wang Zhaojun, grazing and hunting in grassland style as materials to show rich Mongolian history and modern cultural connotation. The products are divided into high, middle and low prices and grades to meet different levels of leather lovers.
2. Show the historical figures, mythical figures, animals and scenery loved by the Chinese nation in the form of Mongolian leather paintings. Let leather painting, a Mongolian handicraft, carry the painting art of the Chinese nation.