Unique Gifts and Souvenir Ideas from Huhhot,Inner Mongolia [For him – makes a special present]

Oxhorn, also called “Allicance cup” in Mongolian.When Mongolians make confidant friends, they should drink wine with oxhorn. Drink it all at once, and be friends forever!

Oxhorn represents strength, bravery.

Made from authentic ox horns from Inner Mongolia (without hurting any living animals).

Metallic finish at the rim of horn beer mug & a stand that’s carved from buffalo horn make it a premium coice for any Game of Thrones’ Fans – be it him, mens anniversary gifts, friend, husband or wife. Excellent choice even for those who appreciate Mongolian Ethnic Culture or Antique products.

🍻 Size of Oxhorn:about 16*4cm(1.6*6.3inch)

Desktop/Tabletop Art Decoration for guest rooms, halls, study rooms,restaurant, dining rooms, cabinet.