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60*190cm 105g 100% Natural Cashmere Plaid Soft Scarves Shawls


Unique Gift Ideas from Huhhot,Inner Mongolia [For him or her – makes a luxe present]



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Made in inner Mongolia, the world’s best Cashmere origin.

  • Cashmere only accounts for 0.2% of the world’s total animal fiber output. Because of its rarity, it is priced in grams in the transaction. Known as “diamonds in fiber” and “soft gold“.
  • The best wool in the world comes from Australia, and the best cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, China, and almost 70% of the world’s cashmere is produced in Inner Mongolia!
  • The warmth of cashmere is 8 times that of wool, but the weight of cashmere only accounts for one-fifth of wool.
  • Mongolian goats have one of the warmest coats due to its extreme weathers. Temperatures through the seasons range between -40°C to 40°C, training these goats to grow the hardiest of wool.
  • Instead of the the commercial harvesting method to sheer, our cashmere is removed by hand with bristly brushes that gently comb tufts of fleece from our little guys to ensure the best quality.

Get ready for a cold snap or a chilly evening with a touch of luxurious cashmere.

Such a great product that makes the perfect present.

Everyone loves the soft touch of the best quality cashmere and this scarf is an absolute treat.

Keeping you warm in comfort and also looking great at the same time.

The softest cashmere makes this a luxurious gift to yourself or a good friend.

Cashmere Care

Machine washing is not recommended.

Use a mild detergent.

The water is cooler than 30°C.

Do not bleach.

Please lay flat to dry.


Nomadic Mongolian Shepherds learned the secret of making excellent cashmere thousands of years ago.

They found it by roaming the plains of Mongolia with their goats in search of the best wild meadows and pastures.

The secret ingredient to making the best cashmere in the world is “joy.” 

It turns out that such cashmere produces the happiest goats in the world.

When goats are herded and put under the conditions of industrial animal husbandry, they secrete stress hormones, resulting in the production of wool of variable and poorer quality.

The true joy for Mongolian goats is to wander together in the open plains and pastures of Mongolia.


There is no warmer greeting than the traditional Mongolian custom of giving gifts to those who come to your home. This centuries-old tradition has its origins in a deeply rooted practice of hospitality. When someone visits a family, as the guest leaves the house, the host family offers treats or gifts to express a sense of gratitude for the visit. This creates warmth and pleasant feelings before the return.

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